We appreciate our customers for the nomination and
will do our best to live up to the expectations set
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Most Innovative
White-Label FinTech
Solutions Provider 2019

AdenaSoft won the "Most Innovative White-Label FinTech
Solutions Provider" in the 2019 voting results for CV magazine’s Corporate Excellence Awards.

Global Brand Awards

Best White Label
Solutions Provider

Best White Label Solutions Provider AdenaSoft
Best Information Technology Company Samsung Electronics
Best Home Electronics Brand LG Electronics
Best Immersive Experience Provider Panasonic
Most Trusted Search Engine Company Baidu
Most Trusted Telecom Brand Nokia
Best Wholesale E-Commerce Brand Alibaba Group
Most Innovative Semiconductor… SK Hynix
Best Search Engine Naver
Best IT Hardware Manufacturing Brand Asus Tek Computer Inc.

AdenaSoft ranks with the world's
leading companies.

Global Financial Derivatives Conference

Best Financial
Technology Solution

AdenaSoft was named the Best Financial Technology Solution Provider
at Global Financial Derivatives Conference 2019
hosted by 全球金融衍生品大会.