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    Forex Tech

    Bridge systems provider connected to liquidity providers around the globe.
    All in one solutions provider for your FX business.


    ADENASOFT offers a CRM system that allows you to track sales data provided by individual clients, sales groups, countries, and P/L figures.
    CRM stands as a pivotal system within financial services, encompassing the oversight and administration of client relationships, country-based P/L analyses, and the management of IB/Affiliate programs. ADENASOFT provides two distinct versions, catering to administrative and sales usage.
    The administrative version supplies analytical insights to supervise operations across countries and regions, while the sales version is tailored for marketing staff. Both versions are designed with user-friendliness as a core principle.

    Customer Service tool

    The CS tool has been designed to automate all procedures associated with customer account management, ranging from account initiation to deposit and withdrawal processes. ADENASOFT has seamlessly integrated the CS tool with all other systems, ensuring that users have access to all necessary tools within a unified platform.
    This comprehensive CS tool provided by ADENASOFT spans across the website, IB site, and MT4 terminal. It efficiently consolidates data input from various sources such as the main site and IB/Affiliates for new account creation, as well as processing inputs like deposits and withdrawals. This consolidation enables administrative users to conveniently handle requests from a single location. Furthermore, the tool generates automated emails to customers, delivering real-time updates to keep them informed.

    IB/Affiliate Website

    The Introducing Broker/Affiliate program constitutes a vital component of your business, facilitating the expansion of your online financial services. ADENASOFT's IB/Affiliate websites serve as management tools, utilizing the furnished statistical data to assist you in formulating strategies for your financial services enterprise.

    Risk Management

    The risk management tool allows financial services companies to monitor and react to any alerts optimized for your business. These alerts will go off for events that require the attention of the risk manager such as abusive trading and system errors. Our risk management tool is designed to make your business run safely.

    Finance Bridge Tech

    ADENASOFT offers financial bridge systems. Our exclusive bridge serves as a solution for liquidity provision across Forex, CFD, and Commodities markets, along with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
    We take pride in being among the select few companies that provide PAMM/MAM technology for MT4/MT5 platforms by MetaQuotes.

    MAM/PAMM System

    PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module) allows investors to allocate money to funds managed by qualified traders. Profits generated by the funds will be proportionally distributed based on the capital allocation. MAM (Multi-Account Manager) allows investors to copy forex trading transactions executed by the master accounts created by qualified traders. ADENASOFT's system provides the latest PAMM/MAM technology with the aim to help global white label companies manage client assets more efficiently.

    Our Forex Platform

    Forex Back-Office Solution

    Risk management is an integral part of your FX business. ADENASOFT’s solutions services can help you run your FX business with best-in-class risk management systems built to give you security and stability.

    Main Functionalities

    • Balance Increase
    • Account Management
    • Increase IB Commission
    • High Deposit/Withdrawal Account
    • Leverage Change
    • Trade to Withdrawal Interval
    • Exposure
    • Liquidity Provider Balance
    • Negative Balance Monitoring
    • Floating Profit/Loss
    • Trading
    • Trade Size
    • MT4/MT5 Symbol Monitoring
    • ETC

    RISK Management Solution

    A critical component of back-office systems.
    Our user-friendly back office program is built to encompass both web and app based trading platforms.
    Unlike any other, ADENASOFT systems are designed to work seamlessly in the back office environment.

    Main Functionalities

    • Live/Demo Account Management
    • Change Leverage
    • Deposit/Withdrawal Auto Management
    • Customers Profile Update
    • KYC Check Function
    • IB Application/ KYC/Commission
    • Internal Transfer Function
    • A Book/B Book management
    • Leads Management
    • ETC

    Introducing Broker/Affiliate Solution

    The IB/Affiliate program holds paramount significance within the forex industry. Numerous IBs/AFs actively engage with forex brokers offering advanced and comprehensive systems.
    Adenasoft extends its IB/Affiliate services, encompassing language support for various countries, alongside settlement programs and analysis of customer trading patterns.

    Main Functionalities

    • Overall management system for IB/Affiliate’s clients.
    • Detailed views for each client’s data and search functionality.
    • Trading history and deposit/withdrawal for individual clients.
    • Overall forex market watch and real-time trading & orders.
    • Simple data sorting by (Name/Position Lots/Open & Close Time/Profit & Loss/Commission Stats)
    • Internal transfer function enabled for IB’s client.
    • Downloadable in excel spreadsheets for customer management data.

    PAMM/MAM System

    In order to cater to both active and passive investors, incorporating a PAMM/MAM system is essential for operating FX businesses. The proprietary system developed by ADENASOFT is specifically tailored for fund managers seeking to integrate social trading features into their PAMM/MAM offerings.

    Main Functionalities

    • PAMM (Percent Allocation Management Module) allows investors to allocate money to funds managed by qualified traders. Profits generated by the funds will be proportionally distributed based on the capital allocation. MAM (Multi Account Manager) allows investors to copy forex trading transactions executed by the master accounts created by qualified traders. ADENASOFT’s system provides the latest PAMM/MAM technology with the aim of enabling global white label companies to manage client assets more efficiently.

    Copy Trading System

    Our copy trading platform provides a crucial trading avenue for FX brokers seeking to integrate social trading features similar to those found on platforms like eToro or ZuluTrade.
    For companies aiming to establish a new social trading platform, ADENASOFT offers both standalone products and white label services.


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