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    Crypto Tech

    Looking to open a new crypto exchange or add to your existing FX business?
    ADENASOFT crypto solutions provides your crypto exchange with the all-inclusive turn key systems. Sign up to use our crypto white label solutions today.


    Our all-inclusive systems offer trading platform, customer management, wallet, custody and more.


    Free White Label Services
    Take advantage of ADENASOFT's free white label services for crypto exchanges. No obligation, try our free services now and decide later.


    No more worries about liquidity.
    We offer the best bid and offer spread comparable to that of top-tier exchanges with our shared liquidity pools. Liquidities are offered for both Spot & Contract.


    Deposit/Withdrawal integration
    We understand the need for tailored customization. Third-party integrations with third-party solutions including KYC, payment services are available.

    • Spot trading system
    • Derivatives trading system
    • Crypto liquidity
    • Open api
    • Index price from third party exchanges
    • Market trend watch
    • Trading symbol listing and configuration
    • Crypto custody
    • Deposit and withdrawal
    • 24/7 risk management
    • Token listing and configuration
    • Web application
    • Android application
    • iOS application
    • Promotion center
    • Referral system
    • Liquidity provider
    Admin Center
    • Daily commissions
    • User data management
    • Orders, positions inquiry
    • Content management (notices, blogs, FAQ, promotion, guides)
    • SEO support features
    • Overall analytics and data download
    • Database synchronization
    • Language pack management
    • Mobile and web applications customization
    • Customer service
    User Center
    • Open orders and trade history
    • Deposit and withdrawal history
    • API credentials management
    • Account security
    • KYC

    Dedicated servers designed to optimize the usage levels for each client.
    Distributed match engine to minimize latency.


    Crypto Currency Exchange
    White Label


    Have a question? A source of useful information about our products and services.

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    Want to know more about crypto exchange solutions?

    Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.

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